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Making accounting and bookkeeping easy.
Business integrated modules for enterprising companies
Online affiliated software for clients

EZIaccounts is a simple yet cost effective and powerful tool that your business can benefit from, allowing you to always have access to your needs.

Designed to ensure ease of use for users and administrators.

Point of Sale, Automated Stock Ordering, BAS submission, Auto-billing, Product Modelling and more!


Eziaccounts has taken a futuristic approach to bookkeeping and accounting ensuring to take out the drudgery managing the accounting process that all business people face.

Suitable for Franchised businesses with centralised updates and compplete control from Head Office.

The only complete package for growing and expanding companies.

EZIaccounts delivers what the other accounting programs do not, simplicity with easy access 24/7 as well as allowing accountants and bookkeepers to brand it under their own name.

Take out the hassle of saving data, exchanging files, wasting time, upgrades and not being in front of the right computer when you need it.

Personal $22 (Includes TAX)
Specific for the individual home user in mind.
available : Online Active
Business Basic $110 (Includes TAX)
Designed for the basic business such as taxi driver, painter or the like.
available : Online Active
Business Silver $220 (Includes TAX)
Businesses requiring accounts payable and recievables..
available : Online Active
Business Gold $440 (Includes TAX)
For businesses requiring payroll.
available : Online Active
Business Platinum $660 (Includes TAX)
Businesses requiring components or POS.
Business Platinum Plus $1100 (Includes TAX)
Businesses requiring Products creation or manufactured products.
Accountant On Application
Complete software package for accountants to brand as their own.
Schools / Teaching Institutions FREE
Complete software package for schools to teach online account to manufacturing via their own server.
EZIaccounts Active
New! The online 24/7 solution for most businesses